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April 22

Four Easy and Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

Being stuck at home can get tedious. Here are four great DIYs from our sister site, Real Estate Fiend to help you pass the time and beautify your space.

August 09

Road Bike Safety Tips & Pre-Riding Checklist

Courtesy of: RoadBikeHub Check out more at About the Author:  Stephen Yost Hi, this is Stephen Yost. I am a passionate biker. My journey of bike riding starts during my school days. I have long experience of using verities of a road bike. However, it is not easy to find the best road bike within […]

The View from Here – Books from Colombia

I was recently interviewed by BookerTalk! Great experience! BookerTalk Welcome to the world of books. In the last feature in this series we were enjoying the crisp snowy conditions of Finland. Now we’re heading to a country more associated with sun than snow. We travel to Colombia to hear from Laura Sesana Let’s meet Laura  I am originally […]

February 14

Novelist Chris Orcutt Shares Insight With Writers

Chirs Orcutt, author of the Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, shares his insight on writing, inspiration, and selecting what to write about. Please check out his amazing article at our sister site, Arbiter News.   Read: “Paying Attention as a Fiction Writer”

January 04

Three little birds…

January 01

5 quick facts about granadilla / grenadia

1. Passiflora liguiaris is also known as Sweet granadilla or Grenadia.   2. Granadilla is native to the Andes Mountains of Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia, but is now grown from Argentina to Mexico, and in Australia and Africa (where is it known as ‘passion fruit’), and Papua New Guinea (where is known as ‘sugar fruit’). […]

December 13

EPA planning to significantly reduce inspections and enforcement against worst polluters

The EPA is planning to significantly reduce the number of inspections and enforcement actions against polluters, saying too much enforcement mat discourage investments in innovation. Read my article in Communities @ The Washington Times: EPA planning to reduce inspections and enforcement for the next five years. Read EPA’s Proposal: here Comment before January 3, 2014, everyone […]