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Who by Fire, Mary L. Tabor August 02

Mary L. Tabor, Who by Fire

***** ISBN            0982993145 (ISBN13: 9780982993149)  I absolutely LOVED this book. In fact, it has been the best book I’ve read in a long time and wished I hadn’t finished it as quickly as I did. I feel lucky to have discovered this author and can’t wait to read her next piece of work! Mary L. […]

On writing, Stephen King July 02

On Writing, Stephen King

***** Pocket Books, 2002 ISBN 0743455967 This is the book everyone asks if you’ve read when you say that you write for a living.  Embarrassingly, I hadn’t read it. Now I’ve read it twice in less than two weeks.  And will probably read it many more times. This book surprised me, amazed me, and kicked […]