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Lasesana’s GBU List for Sunday December 22, 2013

A daily round-up of the best and worst news The good From National Geographic: Rain Forest Warriors: How Indigenous Tribes Protect the Amazon From Reddit: Friend’s daughter is afraid of monsters in her closet. The doctor had the pharmacy fill this for her. From NPR: For Two Young Doctors, Working On Christmas Was A Privilege […]

Lasesana’s GBU list for Saturday, December 21, 2013

A list of the best and worst in today’s news. The good From the New York Times: Setting the Table for a Regal Butterfly Comeback, With Milkweed From Livescience.com: 6 Ancient Tributes to the Winter Solstice From NPR: They’re Back! Chesapeake Oysters Return To Menus After Rebound The best rant of the week, from the cult of […]