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June 01

GMO apples may be deregulated by the end of 2013

WASHINGTON, DC, May 10, 2013- Genetically modified (GM) crops have been part of the U.S. food supply for several years. However, only one type of GM fruit, the Hawaiian papaya (Rainbow and SunUp), has been available to U.S. consumers. This may change by the end of 2013. If approved, two varieties of apple, Arctic® Granny Smith […]

April 18

Frankenveggies: Monsanto Protection Act passes Senate

From my column at Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON, March 25, 2013 — Last week, the U.S. Senate approved HR 933, a short term funding measure designed to avoid a March 27 government shutdown.  Hidden within HR 933 is section 735, the “Farmer Assurance Provision.” Called the “Monsanto Protection Act” by critics, this section gives the USDA the power […]

February 06

Frankenfish: genetically engineered salmon close to winning FDA approval

As AquAdvantage salmon nears FDA approval, this genetically engineered fish is likely to show up on your plate – and you may not even know it. From my column in Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON DC, February 2, 2013- Genetically modified crops have been a part of the U.S. food supply for many years.  Genetically […]