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April 23

7 Tips for Making a Room Look Bigger

By Jane Blanchard Even if you have a large home, you probably have at least one room that feels small. While you may not be able to gain square footage, you can certainly make the area appear larger by tricking the eye. Here are seven simple tips to take your room from cramped to comfortable. […]

January 07

3 quick tips to get rid of vacuum cleaner smells

Vacuum cleaners can get stinky after a few uses. This is usually due to the messes it picks up- pet hair, food, general grossness. Fortunately it is quick and easy to remedy. 1. If using a canister vac, always empty the canister after every use. All the nasty stuff you pick up with your vacuum […]

October 25

Features I Love: Floors

Floors This house has great features that mostly have not been touched since it was built. One of my favorite features is the floor in the entrance hall.  It is in amazing shape, considering it is over 100 years old.  I initially thought that it was just tile, but according to WASHINGTON, Houses of the Capital, where […]