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February 22

Venezuela in Crisis: a Brief Summary of WHO, WHAT and WHY

The clashes between the Venezuelan authorities, government supporters and protesters are getting more violent. Eight people are confirmed dead, many more are injured, the government has imposed a media blackout and neither side appears to be backing down. Read a brief summary of what is going on and why: http://bit.ly/1h7haE2

Mario Vargas Llosa Internet Resources

Mario Vargas Llosa Bio English Español Nobelprize.orgWikipedia Biography.com Wikipedia.es Mundolatino.org Novels/ Novelas English Español The Time of the Hero, (la ciudad y los perros) The Green House, (La casa verde) Conversation in the Cathedral (Conversación en la catedral) Captain Pantoja and the Special Service, (Pantaleón y las visitadoras) Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter , (La […]