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November 03

New advanced Spanish language resource page

I just added an advanced Spanish Literature resource page to Lasesana.com. It is a collection of essays, books summaries, and class discussions from my MA in Spanish Languages and Literatures, from 2002 to 2004. Everything is in Spanish. It was part of my Spanish language website, but I’m consolidating, and didn’t want all that work […]

October 31

5-Minute Spanish Class #015: Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Regular verbs All Spanish verbs in the infinitive end in -ar, -er, or -ir. To conjugate, drop the ending and add: -ar Yo -o Tú -as Usted/ él/ ella -a Nosotros/ as -oamos Ustedes/ ellos/ ellas -an Hablar, to speak Yo hablo Tú hablas Usted habla Nosotras hablamos Ellos hablan -er Yo -o Tú -es Usted/ él/ ella -e […]

5-Minute Spanish Class # 013: Possession II

POSSESSION: Possessive adjectives Possessive adjectives must agree in number and gender with the object possessed. Short form: Yo Mi/ mis   My Tú Tu/ tus   Your Él, ella, usted Su/ sus   Your, her, his Ellos, ellas, ustedes Su/ sus   Their Nosotros/ nosotras Nuestro/Nuestra(s)   Our My blouse                         mi blusa Your pants            […]

5-Minute Spanish Class #011: The Human Body (Vocabulary)

The Human Body El cuerpo humano el pecho chest la pierna leg la cara face el brazo arm el pezón, la mamila nipple 
la boca mouth la mano hand 
la cintura waist el ojo eye el pie foot las nalgas buttocks la cabeza head el abdomen abdomen la cadera hip la nariz nose el cuello […]

October 23

5-Minute Spanish Class # 009: Numbers

Numbers: The best way to learn numbers is through FLASHCARDS Study numbers 1-40 learn the numbers song: Activity: write down the correct number EXAMPLE: dos + tres = cinco Cuatro – dos= Seis + uno= Tres + diez= Siete – cuatro= Veinte – trece= Diez + catorce = Nueve + nueve = Cinco – uno […]

October 19

5- Minute Spanish Class # 007: Greetings

Greetings: Coming & Going Click for a page with all greetings and pronunciation Coming: ¡Hola! Hi! Buenos días Good morning Buenas tardes Good afternoon Buenas noches Good evening (Good night) Mucho gusto Nice to meet you Es un placer It’s a pleasure (Nice to meet you)   Encantado/a It is a pleasure to meet you […]

October 16

5-minute Spanish Class # 003: VOCABULARY Days of the week and months of the year

Days of the Week, Días de la Semana Monday lunes Tuesday martes Wednesday miércoles Thursday jueves Friday viernes Saturday sábado Sunday domingo Pronunciation: Days of the week are always masculine, and in not capitalized, unless at the beginning of a sentence.      Practice the days of the week: Quizlet Months of the year, meses […]