Use more precise adjectives in your writing

      Use more precise adjectives in your writing 

In writing, you can more accurate adjectives than “pretty” or “ugly” to describe people and things.  Use these adjectives to better paint a picture for your readers.

  Pretty Ugly Large Small
Strong Gorgeous Repulsive Huge Minute
  Splendid Hideous Gargantuan Diminutive
  Magnificent Nasty Mammoth Wee
  Divine Grotesque Massive Miniscule
  Monstrous Gigantic
Medium Beautiful Unsightly Big Little
  Handsome Homely Wide Tiny
  Appealing Offensive Broad Miniature
  Lovely Objectionable Extensive Slight
  Charming Unpleasant Great Modest
Mild Attractive Unattractive Bulky Petite
  Pleasing Ill-favored Hefty Undersized
  Nice Awkward Burly Unimportant
  Fine Displeasing Ample Trivial
  Fair Disagreeable Plenty
Boring Fun Slow Fast
Strong Tedious Exciting Sluggish Swift
  Mind-numbing Thrilling Lethargic Immediate
  Humdrum Exhilarating Slothful Expeditious
  Bothersome Gripping Languid Instant
  Awesome Thorough Instantaneous
Medium Dull Entertaining Unhurried Quick
  Dreary Pleasurable Leisurely Speedy
  Tiresome Stimulating Dawdling Hasty
  Monotonous Cool Easygoing Sudden
  Wearisome Witty Relaxed Abrupt
  Routine Comical
Mild Uninteresting Amusing Measured Rapid
  Lackluster Enjoyable Deliberate Prompt
  Repetitive Pleasant Protracted Brisk
  Unexciting Agreeable Casual Timely
  Flat Satisfying Informal


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