10 Great Writing Prompts

This is a sample of some of the writing prompts available at lasesanaonwriting.wordpress.com

Writing Prompt # 001

Picture prompt: Start a story or scene from a description of the picture above.

Writing Prompt # 002

Art prompt:

  • Write a story about what is going in the painting.
  • Go back and write the story from the point of view of one of the people in the painting
  • Re- write it a third time from the point of view of someone who is not visible in the painting

Writing Prompt # 003

by Vladimir Terán Altamirano

If you could be anyone, living or dead, for a day, who would you be?  Describe what you would do on that day.

Writing Prompt # 004

What was something that you feared at first and then absolutely loved?  Write about your experience.

Writing Prompt # 005

Katsishika Hokusai, The Great Wave

Art prompt:

“They set out that morning knowing they may not all return.  As he kissed his wife, he wished he would have told her about…”  Finish the story

Writing Prompt # 006

By Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane

If you could pick anyone to be your mother and father, who would they be?  Why?

If you could pick anyone to be your son or daughter, who would they be? Why?

Writing Prompt # 007

by Sam Antonio Photography

A nosy reporter arrives in a sleepy little town and begins to ask questions.  Its obvious the residents are all hiding something…

Writing Prompt # 008

Watch the above video.

  • Write a story from the point of view of one of the people in one of the paintings discussed.
  • Write a story from the ufo’s point of view

Writing Prompt # 009

Picture Prompt: Write a story explaining what happened before this picture was taken.

Writing Prompt # 010

Time Travel: Your character, thousands of years in the future, discovers the Acropolis and tries to find out what it was, what happened to it, and its importance.

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