Features I Love: Ceilings & Molding

Ceilings & Molding

The ceilings and molding in the house are also beautiful and remain largely untouched since the house was built.   The crown molding in the first floor is made of either wood or plaster (?), and is original to the house.

Entrance hall moulding

There are also chair rails on most of the walls.

Chair rails on main stairs

The ceiling in the pool room is copper, but has been painted over so many times, that the detail is difficult to make out.  I am thinking of stripping the paint off, but I’m sure there are several layers and the project may take days.  I looked up the procedure on how to remove paint from copper ceiling tiles, and it looks complicated and involved.  Not to mention I’m 5’3″ and will have to be on a ladder the whole time.  Its on my list, though…

Detail of pool room ceiling, notice the layers of paint obscuring the pattern

The kitchen also has copper tiles.  The design is much more intricate, but they are pretty dirty, probably due to our commercial 1965 Vulcan gas monster of a stove.  That is also on my list, but we are probably going to have to hire someone to do it because the ceiling is over 14′ high and I’m kind of afraid of heights…

Kitchen ceiling

The kitchen also has beautiful tiled back splashes.

Kitchen back splash

The beamed ceilings in the living room are truly beautiful and give the room a warm feeling.  The wood around the windows and mantle is tiger maple.

living room

Tiger maple (I think)

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