Features I Love: Lighting


As I’ve written before, I am a mere beginner, and know nothing about architecture and interior design.  This is why I’ve been so reluctant to touch anything in this house- I don’t want to remove or destroy something and then find out it was irreplaceable and significant in some way… We are really trying to do our best to be respectful of the house and its history.

Since the relationship with the former owner ended pretty roughly, we were unable to learn much about the house, except what was in the sales brochure.  Anyway, here is my question, it seems like the lighting fixtures are original to the house (built in 1912), but there are also oil burns on the dining room floor from what I was told were oil lamps.  I’m guessing that there was both electricity and oil and gas lighting(?), or the electrical wiring was put in shortly after the house was built.

My favorite lighting fixture in the house is the alabaster and crystal chandelier that hangs in the dining room.

Dining room chandelier

Dining Room Chandelier, detali

But most of the lighting fixtures in the house are beautiful, despite a little paint stains, repairs, etc.

2nd Floor Hall

Living Room


3rd Floor Hall

Guest Bedroom

I don’t think the lights in the kitchen are quite as old as those in the rest of the house, but I love them anyway.


There are wall sconces throughout the house, in generally good condition.


2nd Floor Hall

Pool Room

Pool Room, Detail

The lights on the living room mantle are not original.  I initially thought that they were, but I saw a picture of the living room in 1982, and the lamps are not there…

Living Room

The light switches are almost all original as well

Third Floor


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