Georgetown Library Book Sale: My Haul

Washington DC, November 19, 2012- Last saturday my mom and I went to the Georgetown Library book sale.  We went early, but it was still pretty crowded and most of the good books were gone.  However, i think I did pretty well, considering I spent $84 total, and two of the books were $55 (one was $40 and the other $15).  Here’s what i came home with.

Title: English Furniture


English Furniture, RW Symonds

This was the $40 book.

Author: R.W. Symonds

Publisher & date: International Studio Inc., 1929

Additional information:  This is #201 of a 500- copy limited edition in the U.S.

Limited edition

Title Page

Here is a link to the same book, #28 in the series, for over $300!  So I think I did well, at least with this book.  It is in pretty good shape, but not in excellent condition.

Title: The Encyclopoedia of Furniture

The Encyclopaedia of Furniture

This was the $ 15 one…

Author: Hermann Schmitz

Publisher & date: Robert M. McBride and Company, 1926

Additional information:

Title page

This book is not in great shape… some of the pages are stuck together, but it seems salvageable with a little time and attention.  The rest of the books were under $3 each.

Title: The Leopard

The Leopard (Il Gatopardo)

Author: Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

Publisher & date: Kingsport Press/ Pantheon (?), 1926

Additional information: Translation from original Italian

Title page

Title: Cape Cod

Author: Henry David Thoreau

Publisher & date: WW Norton & Co., 1951 (first edition)

Additional information: notes by Dudley C.Lunt, illustrations by Henry Bugbee Kane.



Title: The Works of Thackernay


Author: William Makepeace Thakernay

Publisher & date: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1911

Additional information: with illustrations by the author

Title page

Title: Sketches

Sketches, Mark Twain

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher & date: Belford & Co., 1880

Additional information: with illustrations by the author

Title: Kim

Kim, Rudyard Kipling

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Publisher & date: 1900, 1901

Finally, these are the other books I got.  I couldn’t resist: