Why opinion is shifting on same-sex marriage

Jamison Wieser, Flickr Creative Commons

Jamison Wieser, Flickr Creative Commons

From my column in Communities @ Washington Times

WASHINGTON,  March 21, 2013 – Views on same-sex marriage have been rapidly shifting in the U.S.  From politicians coming out in favor of marriage equality to growing portrayal of homosexuality in the media, popular opinion is decidedly changing. Two separate national surveys conducted earlier this month confirm rising support for gay marriage and homosexuality in general among Americans.

Why and how are attitudes shifting?

Politicians and public figures now regularly support same-sex marriage.  Vice President Joe Biden, President Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton are only a few examples.  Even some Republicans like Dick Cheney and Rob Portman have voiced their support for gay marriage.  Though the core of the Republican Party still opposes gay marriage, their arguments have grown less passionate, focusing more on the legality rather than the morality of the issue.
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