My first (successful) Pintrest project: pictures on the wall & the transformation of a stairwell

Project:  Bring life to a dark stairwell

Secondary stairway, BEFORE

Secondary stairway, BEFORE

This is what it looked like when we first moved into the house.



Service Stairs AFTER- (a little bland...)

Service Stairs AFTER- (a little bland…)

We removed the wall paper and painted it white. This is what is has looked like for three years. Bo-ring!

Inspiration:   After a lot of looking- check out my wall hanging ideas board on Pintrest, this is the look I decided on.



Project cost:

I already had a lot of the larger frames.  i also used Command and 3M velcro hooks, which are more expensive than traditional nails to hang the frames, however, it made it much easier to get the central line.

IKEA frames $63.81

Target frames $39.84

Velcro hooks $109.88

TOTAL COST $213.53


photo 1


photo 2


photo 3


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