Renovations 2010- Present

We have done a lot since first purchasing the house.  It has been difficult, because I don’t have a general idea of what I want the house to look like in the end, so we have pretty much stuck to things that need to be taken care of, and things that I absolutely could not live with, like the wallpaper from 1982.

Our first big renovation effort, which took from June to September, included:

Secondary stairway BEFORE

Service Stairs – wallpaper removal

Service Stairs AFTER- (a little bland…)

see more wallpaper removal BEFORE and AFTER pictures

Dining Room BEFORE

Dining Room AFTER

see more painting BEFORE and AFTER pictures

  • Exterior paint touch-ups
  • Electrical updates
  • Carpentry repairs

In 2011:

  • Front walk repaved
  • Front garden redone

In 2012:

  • Deck

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