Interior Painting

For the interior, again, we didn’t really know what we wanted the house to look like in the end, but knew that I could not live with the colors and wallpaper, so we decided to paint the interiors mostly neutral colors.  The plan is to repaint  if necessary as I go room by room.

Our friend and artist, Teague Clare helped us pick the colors.

The Pool Room:

Pool Room BEFORE

Yes, that’s an antique gynecological chair!  Creepy!

Pool Room BEFORE

That’s supposed to be a barber’s chair, but it looks like a dentist’s chair…

Pool Room BEFORE

Pool Room AFTER

Baby, can you please move that table top to the basement?

Pool Room AFTER

The Dining Room:

We originally thought that the dining room was wood paneling.  It actually was wood panelling, but some cheap wood- pine? painted over to look like more expensive wood.  I guess the wood paneling in the living room- which is truly fantastic- should be enough.  When we finally got the previous owner outside the house and realized that the paint was peeling…  Teague suggested the white to liven up the room and he was right.  My furniture, again, doesn’t fit the room.

Dining Room BEFORE

Peeling paint

In progress

Dining Room AFTER

We got the china cabinet from my grandmother’s place.  At first, the movers didn’t want to take it up to the second floor and it sat in the pool room for months.  One night at dinner I said that all I wished for nowadays was 3 burly dudes to move furniture for me.  The next day, my husband, his brother, and two other guys they hired moved the chine cabinet upstairs for me while I was at the gym.  ♥

Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom, AFTER

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