I’m not the regular kind of traveler.  Even though I love the idea of roughing it, that’s really not my style.  I’m not extravagant, but I like to be comfortable.  Eating is completely different, though. I love to eat and invariably describe my trips in terms of food.  I think food is an authentic way to learn about a culture and connect with the land and people.  There is a lot to learn about a place from their food and rituals connected with food.

weekly market in Ermioni, Greece, 2011

weekly market in Ermioni, Greece, 2011

As I have said several times, I’m an equal opportunity eater.  When I travel, I like to ask a taxi driver to take me where he or she eats lunch, not where they take the tourists.  Don’t get me wrong, I also eat at the tourist spots and everywhere in between.  I love markets, food stores, and farms.  You never know where you will find your next great meal.  Last summer, going against my personal rule of not eating in restaurants by a port, I had a fabulous meal in a restaurant in the port of Adamas in Milos, Greece (more on this fantastic trip coming soon!).

I’m starting slow, in reverse-chronological order, starting with the last trip I took.

Costa Rica: Pura Vida! (January 2013)

Greece (July 2012)

Northern Italy (June 2012)