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February 19

Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Thanks tuttacronaca!

The fantastic and always informative tuttacronaca has awarded me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  YAY!  Thanks!  If you haven’t checked out tuttacronaca, you must for great news, insight, pictures and a lot more.  The primary website is in Italian, but it has a wonderful translate feature, so anyone can read it! Here are the rules: 1. Create a […]

Blog of the Year Star # 3!

I am so flattered to receive my third star from one of the most outspoken, thought-provoking, and hilarious bloggers out there: The Ranting Papizilla.  Thank you so much!  I don’t think I could have put it better than he did when he wrote:  Whooooooo, we’re going streeeeeeeaaaaaking!!!!!!!!! The ‘rules’ for this award are simple: 1 Select the […]

January 03

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

Yesterday I was delighted and flattered to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from the amazing and extremely creative Erin at diy2emc.  This is  my favorite DIY lifestyle blog, with tips on great food, daily inspiration, health & beauty, green living, and even “frugal flips!”  Readers are hooked from their first visit, jumping from one great post […]

December 30

Blog of the Year 2012!

One of my favorite bloggers, Kim at Tranquil Dreams made my day this morning by awarding me the 2012 Blog of the Year Award.  If you haven’t checked out Tranquil Dreams, you should!  I love the post on Dim Sum, which I would eat every day if I had the choice and metabolism; all the […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Created ˜Create.it for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first award and I am elated to feel part of the blogging community. The rules for accepting this award are: Display the award certificate on your website. Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented […]