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June 28

Cheese may prevent dental cavities and tooth decay

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2013- A study published in the May/June 2013 issue of the journal General Dentistry concluded that dairy products, especially cheese, may help prevent dental cavities. While there have been numerous studies that confirmed the beneficial effect of dairy on bone health, few studies have focused on the link between cheese and other dairy products and oral health. […]

June 20

Red and processed meat linked to risk of type 2 diabetes

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2013 – A study published last week found a strong correlation between red and processed meat consumption and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Even though previous studies have linked red meat consumption and the risk of developing diabetes, this is believed to be the first to track changes in red and processed meat […]

June 12

Cellulose (aka wood pulp) in processed and fast foods

WASHINGTON, June 12, 2013 – Cellulose is an organic compound found in almost any plant matter—and a large amount of processed and fast foods.  While indigestible by humans, it is added to foods for a variety of purposes. Considered the most abundant organic compound on Earth, cellulose provides strength and structure to the cell walls in […]

June 06

Food Thursdays: How to cut cherry tomatoes and pitted olives in half in less than 15 seconds

This is a great time-saving way to cut any small round fruit and vegetable.  1.  You will need: 2 small plates roughly the same size Sharp chef’s knife 2.  Place the tomatoes in the center of the plate inside the lip 3.  Place the other plate on top: 4.  Press down on the top plate […]

June 01

Shocking rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in supermarket meats

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2013 – A recent study by the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) reveals shocking rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in U.S. supermarket meats. An alarming 81% of ground turkey and well over half of ground beef and pork chops tested contained some form of these “superbugs.” Established in 1996 to track antibiotic resistance in foodborne bacteria, NARMS is a […]

May 12

Ag-gag bills: criminalizing whistle-blowing on factory farms

From my column in Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON, DC, April 2, 2013- A number of recent polls show that a majority of Americans think that animals raised for food deserve some level of protection from harm and exploitation.   Even self- described “meat-eating conservative Republican” Mary Matalin has sided with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to […]

April 03

Greek coffee may be the key to a long healthy life

Greek scientists think that a Greek coffee is one of the reasons the residents of Ikaria live longer   From my column at Communities @ Washington Times  WASHINGTON, DC, March 19, 2013 – The residents of Ikaria, a Greek island on the Aegean Sea, live significantly longer than most other communities.  In a study published […]

March 25

Death by salami: New study finds processed meats may lead to early death

Large-scale European study reiterates link between processed meats, cancer, and heart disease. But you can still eat chicken!     From my column at Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON DC, March 11, 2013 – Say it isn’t so!   To the woe of all cold cut, bacon, bologna, and prosciutto lovers, yet another study finds that those […]

EcoScraps: New ideas in recycling

A company changing the way we view trash and waste From my column at Communities in The Washington Times WASHINGTON DC, February 26, 2013 – Waste is rampant in our society.  Americans produce over 200 million tons of trash every year- enough to fill a major league football stadium twice a day.  According to some […]

March 08

Widespread seafood fraud in the U.S.

Oceana study finds up to 33% of seafood sold in the U.S. may be mislabeled From my column in the Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON DC, February 23, 2013- Seafood has become an important part of the American diet.  The American Heart Association (AHA) and the new Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. government both recommend two seafood […]