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October 21

Fall Creeps In

fall foliage in DC

January 27

Weekly photo challenge: juxtaposition

Athens, Greece, 2009

January 17

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (2)

My the reflection of my college window, taken on a trip many years after graduation…      

January 13

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Window in La Casa que Canta, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

My beloved 1st adult bike January 09

Weekly photo challenge: Beginning

  Beginning: when my husband basically forced me to buy a bike three years ago, I was in my early thirties, a bit overweight, and hadn’t exercised in a decade… My bike was the catalyst for a huge transformation: three years later I ride my bike almost everywhere I go (I use my car less […]

December 31

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy!

  Love the ocean- nothing like the feeling of pure joy when you first jump in, especially if you’ve been gone for a while…

December 25

Five great pictures to take at your family Christmas party

WASHINGTON, December 25, 2013—Holidays with the family can be tedious, but there are moments you will want to remember forever. Here is a list of ideas to make your yearly family Christmas photo a little more fun: 1. Take a family photo from the reflection on an ornament 2.  Say it with sparklers     […]

December 23

Weekly Photo Challenge, (table for) ONE

Last week I showed three women around a table for “community“- here is my interpretation of ONE…

December 19

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Community:  kəˈmyo͞onitē noun 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. This is a picture of my husband’s aunts and their best friend in the town of Kranidi, Greece. We had […]

The Tutu Project: A man dons pink tulle for breast cancer

From my column in The Washington Times Communities WASHINGTON, DC, May 16, 2012 – Is there anything sexier that a guy in pink tulle? No, there isn’t.  Especially if the guy is wearing it for the woman he loves and a great cause. While the sight of a big burly guy in a pink tutu may […]