Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn


Gone Girl: A Novel

Author: Gillian Flynn

First Edition: Crown, 2012 

Original language:  English


The story begins with the disappearance of Amy Dunne on her fifth wedding anniversary.  The story is told from Amy’s journal and Nick’s perspective.  Amy is the subject of the Amazing Amy book series, written by her parents.  Amazing Amy always does everything right and is a role model to little girls everywhere.  As the story progresses, the reader begins to find out that the seemingly perfect couple was anything but perfect.  Amazing Amy is not so amazing, now that she’s a grown-up.  The story is full of surprises that will blindside the reader and keep the pages turning!



“We were born in the ‘70s, back when twins were rare, a bit magical: cousins of the unicorn, siblings of the elves.”

“It is dangerous to laugh at your spouse.”

“”And yet: Don’t land me in one of those relationships where we’re always pecking at each other, disguising insults as jokes, rolling our eyes and “playfully” scrapping in front of our friends, hoping to lure them to our side of an argument they could not care less about.  Those awful if only relationships: This marriage would be great if only…”

My father had infused my childhood with unspoken blame; he was the kind of man who skulked around looking for things to be angry at.”

“It made me feel cranky, off my lawn! old”

“Danish.  I’d come to believe there was no food more depressing than Danish, a pastry that seemed stale upon arrival.”

“It’s humbling, to become the very thing you once mocked.”


This was a great, quick read.  I actually couldn’t put it down and finished in a weekend.  Flynn’s description of marriage is scary because it can be so accurate.  I loved the way she played with the reader and the characters.  It is the classic tale of love gone wrong- with a twist.  I’m not going to give it away, but definitely a great beach or weekend read!  You won’t be able to put it down!