5-minute Spanish Class # 001: Introducing yourself & personal pronouns

# 001 Introducing yourself & personal pronouns

Click on any word in the pronunciation box:

English Spanish Pronunciation
What  is your name?  (formal) ¿Cómo se llama usted? koh-moh seh yah-mah oos-ted?
What  is your name?  (informal) ¿Cómo te llamas? Koh-moh the yah-mahs?
My name is ____________ (Yo) me llamo_____________ Joh meh yah-moh ________
What is his name?  ¿Como se llama él? koh-moh seh yah-mah el?
His name is ____________ Él se llama _____________ El seh yah-mah _______
What is her name? ¿Cómo se llama ella? koh-moh seh yah-mah e-yah?
Her name is________ Ella se llama E-yah seh yah-mah_____________

Personal Pronouns (pronombres personales):

Here is a pronunciation guide for all pronouns

Englsih Spanish Pronunciation
I, me Yo Joh
you singular, informal Too
you singular, formal usted Oos-ted
he, him Él El
she, her Ella E-yah
we, masculine, males& females Nosotros Nose-otros
we feminine Nosotras Nose-otras
they, them masculine Ellos e-yohs
they, them femenine Ellas e-yahs
you plural Ustedes Oos-ted-es
You, plural, males & females, informal- Spain ONLY Vosotros Vose- otros
You, plural, females, informal, Spain ONLY Vosotras Vose-otras

A few words about TÚ and USTED (Ud.):

Usually, in most Latin American countries, there are two ways of addressing people: the informal “tú,” and the formal “usted.”  It is a little confusing at first, but it will get easier with practice.

A word about “machismo” in Spanish language:

When you are speaking about a group of males, you say, “ellos” (them), when you are speaking about a group of females, you say, “ellas.”  If there is a mix, you say, “ellos;” even if there are 1,000 females and one male, you still say, “ellos.”

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