5-minute Spanish Class # 002: The verb “to be” and some adjectives

SER- To be

Don’t worry, this is one of the most difficult to conjugate!

Full pronunciation can be found here

English Spanish
I am Yo          soy
you are (informal) tú         eres
you are (formal) usted    es
he is él          es
she is ella       es
They are Ellos/ ellas    son
You (all) are Ustedes        son
we are nosotros/ nosotras   somos

It is usually not necessary to use a subject pronoun in sentences or speaking, even though él, ella, usted & ellos, ellas & ustedes use the same verb in the present.

 (yo) soy estudiante de español

  (tú) eres estudiante de español

(él, ella, usted) es estudiante de español

(Ellas, ellos, usetedes) son estudiantes de español

Exercise 1: write the correct form of the verb to be (SER)

1. Ellos_______________ de México.

2. Ella______________ de San Francisco.

3. Tú_______________ inteligente.

4. Nosotros_______________ turistas.

5. Ella_______________ la profesora.

6.  Ellos_____________ amigos.

7.  Yo________________ casado.

See answers below.

 Adjectives used with the verb SER to describe you and others:

alto/atall gordo/afat guapo/ahandsome Pequeño/asmall Creativo/acreative
bajo/ashort delgado/athin bonito/abeautiful InteligenteIntelligent Generoso/agenerous
Jovenyoung rubio/ablonde feo/augly Estudiantestudent Bueno/agood
viejo/aold moreno/adark Grandelarge Trabajador/aHard-working Malo/abad

*most adjectives are either masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of the person or thing being described.

Exercise 2: translate

  1. He is tall.
  2. María is beautiful.
  3. Juan and Miguel are students. (just as –s to the end of the adjective to make a plural)
  4. You (informal) are intelligent.
  5. I am thin.

See answers below.

Learning Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain (Photo credit: Geir Halvorsen)

What did you learn in 5 minutes?

Take the ser quiz


Play “Ser” Scatter 

Play “Ser” Space Race

Answers to EX 1:

  1. Son
  2. Es
  3. Eres
  4. Somos
  5. Es
  6. Son
  7. Soy

Answers to EX 2:

  1. (Él) es alto
  2. (Ella) es bonita.
  3. (Ellos) son estudiantes.
  4. (Tú) eres inteligente.
  5. (Yo) soy delgado/a.

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