Recipes From My Aunt Maria

My Aunt Maria

I was a brat

My Aunt Maria (Marilú), was the fun aunt.  She was always doing something interesting and crazy and was and is invariably the person who I went to when I had a problem.  We still get together and cook once in a while, and inevitably I regress to the 8-year-old sitting on the counter, stealing bites when she’s not looking.

Even though she gets a bad rap as the not-so-stellar cook in the family, I love her cooking and when I visit her I clean my plate and ask for seconds.  Even though the kitchen is not her favorite place in the house, some of my fondest memories of my Aunt Marilú happened there.

Here are a few of her recipes, I’m still trying to get her recipe for chilled Macarena Cake and Sabajón.  Enjoy!

Aunt Marilú’s Chicken Cacciatore

Aunt Marilú’s Unparalleled Portafoglios, aka Italian Chicken Cordon Bleu

Easy Pappardelle al Teléfono

Northern Italian Pork or Veal Stew with Peas and Potatoes

Traditional Semolina Cake

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