Tell No One, Harlan Coben


Tell No One: A Novel
Cover of "Tell No One"

Author: Harlan Coben

First Edition: 2000

Original language: English




Dr. David Beck is still suffering from the murder of his wife eight years earlier when he gets a cryptic email that seems to suggest that she is still alive.  It warns him to tell no one while it taunts him with the possibility that she may need his help.  He tells no one and embarks of a harrowing journey to learn the truth about what really happened to his wife.  Beck suddenly finds himself hunted by a mysterious group as well as the police and FBI, but he will not back down until he finds what he is looking for- his wife.


“his smile just south of sane.”

“Memories, you see, hurt.  The good ones most of all.”

“(few things, I assure you, will devastate like the might-have-beens).”

“Tragedy etches it into your soul.  You might not be happier.  But you will be better.”

“Grief can be inordinately selfish.”

“Some things we pack away, stick in the back of the closet, never expect to see again- but we can’t quite make ourselves discard them.  Like dreams, I guess.”


I was very disappointed with this book.  It was one of the recommendations on Goodreads from what I had rated before, it got a 4.1 rating; I thought I would love it.  No luck.  I couldn’t really connect with the characters and I thought that the story was predictable.  I pretty much figured it out by the first third of the book.  I guess I thought it was a forgettable “mystery,” and there was really nothing new or original to like.  I didn’t really learn anything and the book didn’t touch me in any way.  It didn’t even make me mad because it was not particularly bad.  The writing was ok, but nothing special.  All in all, pretty disappointing read.

Many people really seem to like Coben and this book.  Am I not getting it somehow?  Coben lovers: please explain!  I’m open to other opinions, maybe I missed something…