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WASHINGTON, June 13, 2013 – Ok ladies, if you’re a female cyclist you’ve probably run into wardrobe malfunctions more than once on your rides.  Chafing from seams, not enough chest support, the Lycia that clings and shows every ounce of fat, and of course, the dreaded jersey creep.  For those of us who are not as slim as we’d like, the cycling clothing industry is rarely kind, especially because most women’s riding gear is tight yet seldom flattering.

Enter Moxie Cycling Co. and their amazing women’s cycling jerseys.  This week I tested Moxie’s “Retropolitan” shirt and think I’m going to order five more- seriously.

First of all, it looks GOOD.  I was warned that the sizes run a little small, and that if I was between sizes (which I am) I should size up, but went ahead and ordered a Medium anyway.  When I was first pulling it on I though it was going to be too tight.  But it was tight in just the right places, meaning it gave me amazing chest support (and even a little cleavage!) but has a longer, slimming, non-clingy silhouette that hides the belly and love handles!  The built-in nylon bra really does make you fell “locked and loaded.”

Second, it was extremely comfortable.  The Moxie jersey is tagless and the seams are ergonomic so there was no scratching and chafing, even after I rode and sweat in it for a few hours.  The neck and back were comfortable and helped me keep correct posture while riding and even when I wore it to work out at the gym.

I built up quite a sweat in yesterday’s 90° weather in DC, and the fabric really did wick away the sweat- I was dry in a matter of minutes after my ride and jog.

This is the perfect shirt for short rides, running errands, and even endurance rides.  I like it so much I even wear it to the gym and for jogging.  The three back pockets are roomy but not bulky, perfect for your phone, keys and gloves.  This is not just fantastic for riding, but for jogging as well.

This jersey looks so good that the first thing I thought was that it would be perfect for a cycling date!   And forget about group rides- you’ll be the best looking one in the peloton!

Definitely what I love the most about my Moxie jersey is how I feel when I’m wearing it.   It gives me the right chest and back support while not clinging to my middle.  The back pockets do not make my back look large because they are not bulky.  It doesn’t look like a traditional cycling jersey, so I can wear it while running errands and even to meet a friend for an informal lunch.

The verdict?  I’m a believer- I love my Moxie jersey!


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