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May 08

Ciclovía: closing major roads on Sundays for bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Every Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm, 121 kilometers of main streets and thoroughfares in Bogotá, Colombia–a city of almost 8 million people–are closed to vehicular traffic to allow the city’s residents to bike, jog, roller-skate, skateboard, and stroll.  There are hundreds of vendors along the route, mostly offering fruit products and health food.  The route […]

August 09

Road Bike Safety Tips & Pre-Riding Checklist

Courtesy of: RoadBikeHub Check out more at About the Author:  Stephen Yost Hi, this is Stephen Yost. I am a passionate biker. My journey of bike riding starts during my school days. I have long experience of using verities of a road bike. However, it is not easy to find the best road bike within […]

January 22

Moving Forward (On Two Wheels): HIV/AIDS Fundraising By Bicycle

Guest Post by EVE PIERCE One of the best things about cycling is the feeling of camaraderie that develops with other cyclists. Passing on the road, you look at each other and nod; you’re part of a club now, familiar with the same highlights and hassles of exploring your city on two wheels. That sense of community […]

December 28

5 easy ways to integrate cycling into your daily life

Given cycling’s health, environmental, and economic advantages, many people would like to adopt cycling as a daily activity. While it may seem impossible at first, believe me if I did it, anybody can. Read my personal story of how my bike changed my life.   Following are a few of the tips that helped me […]

November 16

So I’m kind of feeling like the eHarmony guy

When he says that it’s nice to get a love letter from time to time… It is really nice to get a rave review when you are least expecting it, and especially when it is from someone you really admire. dubbed my article about a nasty little scuffle between residents and cyclists in Alexandra, […]

July 20

Just picked this baby up at a garage sale for $50, Vintage NSU (1940s?) bicycle

So I was riding my bike down the street on my way to the gym when I saw a garage sale going on just a block from my house.  I did a total double-take, almost wrecked, but managed to U-turn and saw this baby: I wavered and waffled, finally deciding that if it was there […]

June 13

The Moxie Women’s Cycling Jersey: a real woman’s perspective. ENTER TO WIN A MOXIE JERSEY FREE!

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2013 – Ok ladies, if you’re a female cyclist you’ve probably run into wardrobe malfunctions more than once on your rides.  Chafing from seams, not enough chest support, the Lycia that clings and shows every ounce of fat, and of course, the dreaded jersey creep.  For those of us who are not […]

June 13

Enter to win a Moxie Women’s Cycling Jersey – contest closed, congratulations Ashley!

Read my review of the Moxie women’s cycling jersey You can still 1.  Sign up for my newsletter: it only comes out once a month and you can unsubscribe any time. OR 2.  Like Lasesana on Facebook DRAWING WAS THURSDAY JUNE 27, 2013 Winner will receive a coupon code to redeem at The code will cover […]

May 12

Afghan women cyclists riding for freedom

From my column in Communities @ Washington Times WASHINGTON, DC, March 29, 2013- When asked to describe their bicycle in one word, many cyclists of all kinds use the word “freedom.” Nowhere is this description more appropriate than for the women who make up the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team. Challenging the long- held cultural belief that a woman cycling […]

March 08

Cycling to Beat the Blues, Guest post by Evelyn Pearce

Guest post by Evelyn Pearce How do you feel after a good cycle? If you got on your bike not feeling your best, the chances are that when you get off the saddle you’ll be feeling brighter, more positive and ready to face whatever the rest of the day has to throw at you. It’s […]