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October 18

5-Minute Spanish Class # 005: Plural forms of nouns

Plural Form of Nouns There are 6 basic rules to remember when changing a singular noun into the plural form: Ends in a vowel Add    + s La Puerta     + s = las puertasLa Casa         + s = las casas El Hombre  + s = los hombres El Libro       + s =los  libros Ends in […]

October 17

5- Minute Spanish Class # 004: Masculine and Feminine

Gender in Spanish Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine.  You can identify a noun’s gender by looking at the ending: Masculine and Feminine noun endings: Masculine -o Feminine -a, -ción, -sión, -dad Exercise 1: Write (M) for masculino and (F) for femenino Ciudad Civilización Libro Pizarra Puerta Chaqueta Sombrero Amigo Taco Canción Universidad Casa […]

October 16

5-minute Spanish Class # 003: VOCABULARY Days of the week and months of the year

Days of the Week, Días de la Semana Monday lunes Tuesday martes Wednesday miércoles Thursday jueves Friday viernes Saturday sábado Sunday domingo Pronunciation: Days of the week are always masculine, and in not capitalized, unless at the beginning of a sentence.      Practice the days of the week: Quizlet Months of the year, meses […]

October 16

5-minute Spanish Class # 002: The verb “to be” and some adjectives

SER- To be Don’t worry, this is one of the most difficult to conjugate! Full pronunciation can be found here English Spanish I am Yo          soy you are (informal) tú         eres you are (formal) usted    es he is él          es she is ella       es They are Ellos/ ellas    son You (all) are Ustedes […]

October 16

5-minute Spanish Class # 001: Introducing yourself & personal pronouns

# 001 Introducing yourself & personal pronouns Click on any word in the pronunciation box: English Spanish Pronunciation What  is your name?  (formal) ¿Cómo se llama usted? koh-moh seh yah-mah oos-ted? What  is your name?  (informal) ¿Cómo te llamas? Koh-moh the yah-mahs? My name is ____________ (Yo) me llamo_____________ Joh meh yah-moh ________ What is his name? […]